About Us

Wilson Conferences is an eight-year-old event business which hosts dozens of investment conferences around the world every year. We are dedicated to providing a valuable experience for all of our attendees. All of our events are fully-catered in high-end venues such as the Harvard Club, JW Marriott, Raffles Hotel, and InterContinental Hotel. Our content has been viewed over 20 million times and we operate the #1 largest family office association, and top media assets such as PrivateEquity.com. We have hosted more than 40 events to-date and we are always hosting large conferences at least every quarter.

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What Makes Wilson Conferences Unique

Guaranteed Value

We are the only conference host to guarantee that you will get your money’s worth; if you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund. How can we offer this guarantee? We offer this guarantee because we have hosted events around the world for years and we strive to ensure excellence with catered meals at luxurious venues where you will hear from knowledgeable speakers, enjoy plenty of time to network and form relationships with attendees and speakers, and receive tremendous value from this experience. Your business is a privilege and if you do not enjoy your experience, we want to return your money and work hard to make sure that your next experience with us is a rewarding one. Our full refund policy can be found here.


We always request feedback from our attendees and each event incorporates past feedback from our guests in order to make each event better than the last. We subscribe to the philosophy of Kaizen, a Japanese term that means constant improvement and we are always looking to evolve our conferences so that each conference is better than the last one. We can only improve with your help, so if you have attended one of our conferences and you have a suggestion, please send your feedback to Team@WilsonConferences.com or give us a call at 305-503-9077.

Industry Practitioners

One of the qualities that makes Wilson Conferences unique is that we are not purely a conference company; importantly, our team actually works in the industry and we use our other divisions, most notably the Private Equity Investment Group and the Family Office Club, to inform our events and make sure that we are covering the most critical topics that will help you succeed. In this way, we bring a collaborative practitioner’s perspective to critical areas of the industry, along with the best speakers and timely topics. Our 2014 conference series covered many exciting trends such as co-investments & club deals, $1 billion family office best practices, capital raising automation, and single family office portfolio management.

How You Can Work with Wilson Conferences

Attend our Wilson Conferences Series: Wilson Conferences regularly hosts full-day conferences and summits for family offices, investment professionals, and institutional investors. We invite top speakers and family office executives to lead panel discussions and share presentations at our full-day summits–and we always make time for plenty of networking and relationship building. To view a schedule of our upcoming conferences, see our conference calendar.

Advisor to Ultra-Wealthy Families & Family Offices: We work with ultra-wealthy families helping them start their family offices, invest, and protect their assets. Our conferences are a great opportunity to forge new relationships, meet successful families, and share the experiences we have gained by working with our family office relationships. We are dedicated to democratizing the family office industry, making it easier for anyone to learn the fundamentals of the industry. Our CEO, Richard C. Wilson, has shared his family office insights and case studies at over 50 conferences in over 12 countries around the world. Most of our direct work with family offices is through our Single Family Office Advisors, Family Office Executive Search, and Billionaire Family Office divisions.

Join Us for Our Next Webinar: We would love to see you at our next live conference, but if you cannot make the next event, we hope that you will at least join us for one of our webinars. This is a great opportunity to get to know Wilson Conferences and interact with our team and featured guests. Reserve your spot for our next webinar here.

Take Advantage of Our Free Resources: Family Office Club CEO, Richard C. Wilson, recently published his latest book The Single Family Office Book, which you can order here for Kindle. Richard also published through Wiley, The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent. To get two chapters of this bestselling book for free please join over 25,000 others in completing this form. We maintain the #1 most popular web property on family offices, and have published more than 2,250 whitepapers, video recordings, audio interviews and articles. You can also find a number of free resources on our other association websites, such as PrivateEquity.com and the Hedge Fund Group.

Our Global Team

Our team of professionals has over 25 years of experience in capital raising, marketing, client services, conferences, and research. Our headquarters are in Key Biscayne, Florida but we have a global reach and you will often see our team members speaking at conferences and events across the globe. At Wilson Holding Company, we recognize that while a large portion of the industry is located in the United States, there are thousands of family offices around the world. We frequently travel to places like Singapore, Monaco and Sao Paolo to meet and work with local family offices.

The Family Office Club is the largest association in the family office wealth management industry with 90,000+ current members—become a member today. Since 2007, the Family Office Club has been working with family offices by helping them create family offices, find talent for their team, explore co-investment opportunities, and emulate best practices of $1B+ seasoned veterans of the space. Our global team of twenty-seven professionals are dedicated to expanding and improving our training and research efforts.

Richard C. Wilson: Founder and CEO

Richard C. Wilson helps $100M+ net worth families create and manage their single family offices and currently manages 14 clients including mandates with three billionaire families with a total of $5B of buy-side advisory mandates in place. Richard is also the founder of the Family Office Club, the largest membership-based family office association (FamilyOffices.com) with over 1,500 registered family office members.
Richard has spoken at over 150 conferences in 17 countries, has the #1 bestselling book in the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office and a recently released book called How to Start a Family Office: Blueprints for Setting Up Your Single Family Office. Richard has his undergraduate degree from Oregon State University, his M.B.A. from the University of of Portland, and has studied master’s level psychology through Harvard’s ALM program while previously residing in Boston. Richard currently resides 10 minutes from downtown Miami on the island of Key Biscayne, Florida with his wife and three daughters.

Theodore O’Brien: Managing Director
Theodore O’Brien serves as Managing Director at the Family Office Club and Billionaire Family Office. At the Family Offices Club, Theodore is in charge of developing and delivering our family office training services, the family office newsletter, and other resources to family offices. In his role at Billionaire Family Office, Theodore works exclusively with $1 billion+ families on their co-investment, investment consulting, and formalization needs.

Theodore brings to the team several years of experience in alternative investments, business strategy and marketing. He is widely-recognized for his extensive research and writing on private equity and hedge funds which includes the production of hundreds of articles, interviews, books and video modules. Prior to joining Richard Wilson Capital Partners, Theodore worked as a consultant and marketing strategist for the Hedge Fund Group and the Private Equity Investment Group.

Alissa Bennett: Director

Alissa HeadshotAlissa serves as the Conference Director for Wilson Conferences. Alissa ensures that the speakers on stage at our events have an excellent experience and that the content is well prepared and well received by our attendees. In addition to managing the speakers, Alissa helps coordinate all facets of our conferences from the venue selection to the planning and execution of each event.

Alissa joined the team in 2014 and her prior experience managing energy industry conferences has been a valuable addition to our conference division. Alissa’s background is in business and marketing and she holds a Bachelor’s from Oregon State University.

Daphny Obregon: Charter Membership Representative

Daphny serves as Charter Membership Representative for the Family Office Club. His 15-years background in business, training, leadership, management, and development expand multiple arenas. Daphny will likely be your point of contact for any Charter membership registration or information. He serves as a liaison for Charter members and Family Office Club. Prior to joining The Miami Family Office, Daphny worked as a consultant and marketing strategist for the Hedge Fund Group and the Private Equity Investment Group. He was the former Director of Finance Training Society and Business Training Institute.

Harvey Abrams: Family Office Advisor

Harvey Abrams is an experienced family office and investment manager who contributes a wealth of family office knowledge and experience to help improve our Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) training program and inform our content and materials. Most recently, Mr. Abrams served as Executive Vice President of Securities Associates, Inc.

In this position, he performed a variety of functions for the family office and RIA firm including CFO, COO and Chief Compliance Officer. He has served on the investment committee for a family office and has first-hand experience in the issues facing a family office such as managing an in-house accounting team, maintaining relationships with various third parties such as brokers, bankers, custodians, tax and trusts and estates consultants.

Prior to serving as a family office executive, Mr. Abrams was President, CFO and COO for The Center For Humanities, Inc. and Assistant Controller and Budget Director at Parents Magazine Enterprises. Mr. Abrams graduated from City University of New York-Baruch College with a BBA in Accounting with honors.

Rafael Tassini: Family Office Research Associate

Rafael Tassini is one of our Family Office Research Associates. Rafael has been conducting research for the Family Office Club and related work for years. Rafael is trained in research, analysis and capital raising and continues to help our team improve our products and services each year.

Rafael is always creating and researching new areas of the family office and wealth management space. Rafael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Business from Universidade Paulista.


Charles B Wilson: Director of Association Resources

Charles B. Wilson helps develop many of the Family Office Club resources from audio interviews to training materials and video content. Charles produces and edits the training videos, video recordings of team member speeches at conferences, audio interviews and other family office resources. Charles has spent time recently helping us produce new family office training resources and improving the overall experience at the Family Office Club website.


Adriana Albuquerque: Client Services Specialist

Adriana Albuquerque is responsible for assisting Family Office Club clients and helps with on-site coordination of our workshops and events. Adriana works with Doug to assure that our clients are satisfied and that we are always finding new ways to deliver value to our clients. She also assists Rafael with his ongoing research on the family office industry. Adriana obtained her Bacherlor’s Degree from Harvard University.


David Becker: Portfolio Management Consultant

David Becker is an expert in portfolio and risk management, and is well adept in his knowledge of financial derivatives. With his extensive experience in these areas, David has been instrumental in the creation of our training platform and the continual development of educational resources for family offices.

Mr. Becker has an 18 year track record of creating and initiating successful investment ideas. During his professional career, David has worked for 2 investment banks, which include Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney, trading equities, debt derivatives, commodities and foreign exchange. David has in-depth knowledge of many trading strategies that lead to successful short and long term returns.

Aldo S. Rabih, CPA: Due Diligence and Risk Consultant

Aldo S. Rabih is a Senior manager in New York working on reinsurance technical issues and derivative credit valuations. As a consultant, Aldo helps the Family Office Club by further informing our coverage of due diligence, risk management and other important areas for family offices and wealth managers.

Aldo gained over ten years experience dedicated to serving financial services entities (mainly hedge funds and private equity entities) and over four years of diversified experience in other industries and capital markets, both at Metlife as well as from other big four public accounting firms. Aldo has also spent two years as an independent risk consultant with a focus on internal controls and due diligence for fund of funds as well as reviewing transparency standards for fund of hedge funds.

David Roes, CFA: Advisory Board Member

David Roes is the Chief Executive Officer of ASEAN Investment Advisors Pte Ltd, a fund management company based in Singapore. He is a co-founder and director of its hallmark fund, ASEAN Small Cap Fund, launched in 2005. David worked for KeyCorp and Kemper Securities in New York from 1988 until he arrived in Indonesia in July of 1997, at the onset of the financial crisis.

He worked through the following turbulent years, remaining in Southeast Asia and pursuing his interests in the financial markets. He has gained significant experience in Asian emerging markets working in financial advisory roles on many projects throughout the region. David is a graduate of Cornell University and has been active in the financial industry for more than two decades, with experience in commercial banking, investment banking, strategic asset allocation and portfolio advisory services.

Aditya Gadge: Advisory Board Member

Aditya is the Chief Executive Officer of Association of International Wealth Management India (AIWM India). AIWM India primarily focuses on broader and strategic role of developing a more robust and forward-looking training infrastructure for private banking and wealth management sector and to promote more active industry involvement and collaboration in training and continuing education matters.

Aditya earned his Masters in Personnel Management and Masters in Economics, and is a Certified Financial Planner. He is currently pursuing the CIWM certification. A prolific writer, he regularly contributes to various business, financial, and education publications. He is also a member of the editorial board of IndiaWealthReport.com, and a member of the illustrious jury for the prestigious WealthBriefing Asia Awards 2013.